We have to take it by heart.

Have you ever wonder, what life will brought you in the future? I do. I do most of the times. It’s hard sometimes, you know, thinking and thinking all over again. What you must do, how to absorb everything around you. I can say that, it’s not easy to deal with. It’s heartbreaking and unimaginable. I cannot express how hard it is, to face the truth that a new chapter in my life is about gonna happen, that things may go wrong, that how would I deal with it. But there’s one thing for sure that I know of. Each and every one of us is experiencing trials and hardships in life. The point in which you are at the lowest stage and you don’t know what to do. We just have to deal with it. Ride or die as they say. I think it is true. One at a time, step by step, admitting that there’s what we call process, the process we have to take by heart, and we all will make it.

Slowly, but I know we’ll get there.