I don’t know if I’m the only person who feel bad about Prison Break, that it had to go. But I still can’t move on about it. I’m planning to buy the whole TV series and watch it all over again. I just feel sad that it ended too soon. And I miss the show.

As many of us know, Prison Break is a TV serial drama created by Paul Scheuring that was aired on Fox Broadcasting Television Network for four seasons. It started from the year 2005 up to 2009. See five years had passed but I still can’t get over with it. And I just feel like I need to blog about it or whatever to express my thoughts. I might share to all of you as well the story of Prison Break. But I would recommend you to buy the original DVD and watch it for yourself. I totally suggest that you see it for yourself. There’s a lot of tears, joy, drama, thrill about it, and you can feel the bond of friendship is just like a real family.

Prison Break is the story of a young structural engineer named, Michael Scofield played by of course my ultimate crush Wentworth Miller who takes the loyal spirit of the song Two Little Boys to heart. He intentionally got himself imprisoned in order to aid the escape of his older brother Lincoln played by Dominic Purcell. He practically planned everything out in order to get himself imprisoned to be with his brother and break him out of it. He deliberately planned to get himself a huge tattoo, covering his upper body, that contains the blueprint of FOX River State Penitentiary where Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is incarcerated.

I have read before in an article about Prison Break that it was commissioned only for 13 episodes, contrary to the expectations of Fox TV Network, it’s ratings sky rocketed, and became popular. So they added nine more episodes to it and the rest was history. Ta-dah! Down to fourth season.

Michael Scofield (Wentworth) didn’t get everything he planned for. He didn’t expect things would become more and more complicated. He was also sent to Penitenciaría Federal de SONA in Panama. But Michael was so eager about everything. He made things possible even though it’s way beyond. Michael is super-duper smart. His critical level of thinking is very much high, as seen in his preparedness in every set of challenges he encountered. His resourcefulness did not allow anyone to put him behind the bars and stop him from his escape. So there’s this organisation called ‘The Company’ that could not stop him.

As much as I want to keep going, I must end here. As I have said earlier, you must watch the whole show. The season finale explained what really happened. For the nth time, I encourage you to watch it if you still haven’t.
Now that it ended, those of us who are unexplainably fan, can’t get over about it. We will definitely miss it and the friendly faces of Dr. Sara Tancredi, Fernando Sucre, Theodore T-BAG Bagwell, Gretchen, Agent Mahone, but most of all the good, smart and taciturn man Michael Scofield, who endured all the challenges and adversities.


Falling in love


Love. I wish I knew everything about it. How I dreamed of wanting to define the real meaning of it. Big word isn’t it? Well, they say we all experience to love and be loved in return. I am not saying I haven’t felt it ever. No. What I’m trying to tell you, is that love is not just a word. It’s more than that. And when we got to experience it, we past maturity stages. Stages that make us grow into a better person.

We all know that loving isn’t always a happy feeling, having a happily ever after ending. It’s not, I’m going to tell you straight. Love can be experienced in many ways. Sadness, grief, loneliness, and bitterness, it’s all there. But we all got to experience these once in a while because it’s all part of it. Loving is a happy feeling. It’s like having butterflies in your stomach that you yourself can’t understand or will never understand.

Putting yourself there is much to risk, we aren’t sure of anything in the world when it comes to love. But being in love is the best feeling you may ever feel in the entire universe, and of course being loved in return. It’s just like give and take. To make relationships work we must do all the sacrifices we needed to do. We must take risks. And I want you to know that if in the end it doesn’t work. Well there’s always another time, a second chance. A second chance for everything. We just have to look at the brighter side of it. We just have to admire the beauty of love. Because love is the most beautiful thing that happened in the world that God gave us in this life. A blessed Good Friday everyone.

PS: Take risks! Before it might get too late. Thanks for the time reading.


5 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From ‘Prison Break’


5 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From ‘Prison Break’

Okay. Finally, there has been a time for me now to blog about my obsession TV serial drama. I’ve been meaning to share this to all of you since the very first time I’ve watched all the episodes and finished it. But time wasn’t there for me. I’ve been busy so much that I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight about it.
I’m a TV addict. But genres I liked are Romance, Action, Drama, Legal Action, Political Action, Thriller, and Sci-fi. And my latest obsession is Prison Break. For those people who aren’t familiar with this show, you’ve missed half of you’re life, and I’m definitely gonna ask you, (what’s wrong with you people?). The story is all about Burrows who has been framed for a crime he did not commit and his brother, Michael Scofield, who attempts to break them free and share the truth. So here’s what you can learn in a nutshell.

1. Plans don’t always work out.

The plan was intricate and planned down to every detail. (I won’t give away the plot, because you should definitely watch it.) But there are always unexpected events that will change your planned future. And that’s okay. It’s normal and I should say you should definitely have another plan. A plan B, plan C, whatever is it. You should be ready. Just go with the flow and make calculated decisions about what you should do next.

2. Siblings have the closest bond that exists.

Sure that siblings may have all the disagreements in the world. But definitely you’re brother or sister will do everything for you, even give his life for another, and Michael did it, he would give his life for Lincoln. And Lincoln would do the same. Same goes for the people closest to you – family, siblings, cousins, best friends – if they care about you, there is nothing that can burn that bond forever.

3. Your parents will do anything for you – no matter how much it hurts them.

Lincoln and LJ. Franklin and Dede. Agent Mahone and Cameron. These fathers would do anything for their children. They risked their lives and their freedom for them – because their emotional bonds are tighter than anyone can ever imagine. You may not always see eye to eye with your parents, but in the end, they always want what is in your best interest.

4. People always look out for themselves.

Well isn’t that a sad one to think about. But it’s true. No matter what ties the prisoners had to each other in prison or in their life, they will do anything and gave away any information they can in order to get a good deal for themselves.

5. Never lose faith.

Throughout the deaths, lies, and tragedies, the only thing that kept them going was the idea of faith. Faith that you should definitely have in you, must be innate in you. Keep your dreams and goals in mind and always hold onto the hope that pushes you to keep going forward. What is meant to happen will unfold in time.



These past few days were so frustrating. Summer’s coming soon. Sun, beach, get aways are pretty coming fast. I just randomly thought about it the past few weeks. And now I’m on a diet and becomingly more and more into it. I’m on a this thing we called here Juju Cleanse, it makes you active and more healthy, increase bowel movement, and build up stamina, and by the way it’s pure organic. Well I just hope I get on the right time for summer. I’ve gained weight since the time I got sick and depressed. But I’m working on it. We all should be. That’s what life is all about, letting go, forgetting the past and moving forward. I would love to tell you more about my getting-to-be-fit-and-all but I should get going. My sister, cousin and I are off to jog. I wish you all the best, people.

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Hello Twitter world!

Hey, bloggers! You might not know, but I’m not a fan of twitter. Sighs. It’s just I feel dumb about it, or I just don’t want myself to be surrounded in a new world. But hey! I took the risk, and it’s just there. Boom! I just made my Twitter account. Follow me there

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Something to think about…

I’ve been thinking, thinking about how life really works. In every hour that passes a healthy infant is born, and under normal circumstances, grows.  There’s nothing you can do about it. It just don’t stop.  At a certain age, a normal child will walk, talk, run.  There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Then come the terrible twos and the teen age terrible twos, and there’s not much you can do about those things either. No one did ever has found a way to stop them. Then we get older. Surgery can tighten a person’s skin, make and look them young but the person has still aged and even if after a million treatments, a person looks younger (not like him/herself anymore, just younger), they are still older and there’s nothing you can do about it. Then you die and there’s nothing you can do about that, whether you’re young or old. Death just happens. We can never hide or run from it.

Basically we are just running through our programs. We go through a lot of stages that we are programmed to go through. Then the program shuts down.  We live in this life given from our God above, but our lives is a program we don’t have control over. You can keep yourself in the best shape possible and do all sorts of things but the program is running on its own. Some people wish they were shorter, some wish they were taller, had different colour of eyes, but it is all set and there’s nothing we can do about it. We have experiences, we decide on the things that we want to think. Admit it, sometimes we tend to over think. We are deciding. But this I will tell you, in most cases the program is deciding the things for us. It gives its own opinion. And when we try our very best to interfere with it and then all sorts of problems arise. *Sighs. We are animals and like all the other animals we are simply going through these different kind of motions.  You can call it instinct, I guess. You can call it a tree, name it. You can call it anything. But it’s what it is and we are not in charge of it. It runs on its own.  Life, the universe itself might all just be in the same experiences like us. That’s not a bad think. It’s just something to think about.