Where do Chause and Charaughts came from?

Every thing in this world didn’t just come up without a beginning. In Science, medicines and technology didn’t just happen without prior studies about it. Diseases and bacterias started to spread, so they developed something to treat it, if not cure it. All of us humans were once bacteria. And I read once in an article that bacteria were once just amino acids. So with the alphabets and so were the words formed. Nothing in this planet just appeared out of nowhere. Getting serious huh? Chause.

Let’s start with the first word. Chause is just an extemporization of the Filipino slang “Chos” which means “just joking” “just kidding”. See how we Filipinos make our life very simple, but filled with fun? To be more clear about it, I’ll give an example. ‘Taken for granted’ is just napabayaan in tagalog. So is chos. And since we know that we could not patent chos because it is already famous, we thought of a way to make it really ours. Filipinos created a spelling that sounds exactly like it. Chause.

Next word, Charaught is actually a synonym of the word, Chause. It was derived from the tagalog word Charot which also means “a joke”, “just kidding” or “anything random”. Again, we scrabbled in our brain, made our brain cells work, and sought help from the spirits to create a difference in the spelling to make it really ours and to cater the worldwide audience as well. Hence, charaught.

Now you might think that putting them together may seem redundant. No. Because it means you are claiming that the very popular business phrase “effectiveness and efficiency” is wrong as well, because of the similarity.

This blog is about random thoughts crossing the mind of the author. I aim to share what I feel, think, and what I know to the world hoping to find people of the same souls. Yes, we all do have unique situations – different sets of problems and feelings but the thing is we’re all just humans. Nobody can claim he or she is perfect, flawless and faultless. Every person needs another person and another to be able to live in a pleasant and appalling environment. Our world.

Happy reading, neurons working.


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