I was there. But you weren’t.

Life can be so unfair sometimes! I agree! Anyone to disagree? I bet no one. But you know what, that unfairness in life makes life more wonderful and exciting. Hardships, struggles, trials, and all, I’ve been there. All of us have been there. Saying goodbye isn’t the hardest part, it’s the memories you keep in your heart, the feelings you give in the relationship, the time you spent in your whole life, and yet your heart has been torn apart.

I feel heartbroken. I admit I’m sad. This is the saddest point in by life. You know what, I gave my all when I was at my best, I was there. I was there, and you weren’t. I know someday, at new point in my life, I will be thankful that this happened. I will be grateful for everything. New experiences can be tough and annoying sometimes, but can be also a lesson! And this serves a great lesson for me. Someday, I hope, I’ll understand why it didn’t work. This begins a new chapter in my life. 


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