Job well done.

I would like to write something differently tonight. I have headaches since this morning and I can feel the tingling sensation on my fingers right now while I’m typing. Trying to compose everything in my head in this simple message I would like to say. I would like to share to you what I did this day. It’s just a common day for me, I ran my errands this morning. Cleaned my room, did the dishes, do the laundry. This afternoon I went to see my doctor to have my weekly check up. You see, it’s Monday today. I get to see her every Monday, to check everything if all is well regarding my health. I’m suffering from this low blood sugar level. I’m anaemic, my blood platelets are low, that’s why I should often see my doctor. Everything went well, she gave me medicines, vitamins and supplements. 

My mom and I went home, and we’re glad that we got home safely. My sister talked about her day, she passed her tests and she shared about what they did today at school. I can say that everything went well today. This is a good start for this week. My two fingers crossed that this week will be fruitful for our family. So this is it, have a happy week from our small family to yours.

Good night, everyone. 


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