The better you.

I don’t know how to begin with this writing. There are so many things I wanna say, but I don’t know how to put this in a beautiful way, so you might have an interest to read it. You know what, I’m starting to think about the way people thinks, like how they are thinking, taking in and dealing with their problems. But at the end, I find a common denominator for each and every one of us. We’re all humans.

I can say that in my own experience, sometimes we tend to think differently, people are like puzzles. We’re all dealing with our scattered pieces in life, trying to solve the big picture. Everyone will always find that a piece or two are always missing and we still keep on creating it, but we sometimes end up seeing a piece or two has the wrong fit. Let me give you an example, in your entire whole life, when you fall in love. What makes you missed that person? Is it his smell that still lingers to your mind? Is it the warmth of his hand you keep on remembering? Is it the kisses you have made when you were still together?

Let me give you one fact. When you did everything to make it work, like just creating that big puzzle in your whole life. You did your very best, up to the tiniest part, and still, you can’t figure it out. You can’t build that picture ever, I’ll tell you. I want to be straight to you, that you can’t fit on everyone’s puzzles. They have their own life, and you have yours.

You might think, that every day that pass when you are with him or her is magical, wonderful and splendid. You’ll always find a resemblance in every thing that you will do, something nostalgic. Given are the smell of him/her, warmth of their hands that warms up to yours, it will always feel like you’re holding the rays of summer sun. You’ll always remember the heat when you are with him or her. You also might think that time when you are with him or her that every moment is a fairytale that has a happy ending at the end. What makes you remember all of these is the romantic feeling you get, or the connection you two have got. The awkward silence becomes a beautiful melancholy.

But I should tell you this, not to hurt you or something. But I still insist to say this to you straightly. When the strong feeling of need for each other is gone, you tend to be incomplete. At first, you’ll miss the person. Eventually, you’ll only miss the feelings you’ve had while being with that person. You thirst for something that he or she used to give you, or things you used to have when you’re still into each other. He or she used to fit as one of your puzzle piece, then somehow outgrown the space you had for him or her.

Let me remind you, that you are not just a puzzle piece. You are a person with feelings, a dynamic character that could shift to the shape which would fit the one you like perfectly. You just can’t fill the gaps of a broken heart with the same things that they’ve done before. You have to be better. Better than before and far more refreshing than the past.

To win a place in someone’s heart is never a race. Never ever think about it as a game you should win. You should be equipped with the right tools and the right motivation to mend you’re broken heart. You must prove yourself worthy of all the best things in life. Create your own comedy story. Be a significance to other people that surrounds you. If you ever need to make someone happy, so be it, be with them, stay for them, and hear their stories. Be a good citizen. And be a good example to others. And the best of all, make someone miss you when you’re gone.

Done. I gain a lot of insights on this writing of mine. I know it could help you too a lot. So for now, this should be enough.


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