One day, I’m gonna be an Architect.


I’m starting to think about my future. You know, I’m a graduate. I have a lot of things going through my mind right now. Oh, I am so damn excited of what will gonna happen soon. As you for you to understand, I’m enrolling again as a student. Yay! I’m now going to be a college student again! I’ve graduated already my college degree. I’m now a registered nurse, thanks to God. All the hardships paid off. I’m just too happy, that I’ve passed my board examination, and now I got my license as a nurse.

But there are things I wanna tell you more, I decided to pursue my dreams, my real dreams in life. I am studying again, too bad I’m getting older, and yet I have to study again. I’m gonna be taking my college entrance examination next week at La Salle College of Saint Benilde (CSB). Hopefully, I’ll pass and enroll for the first semester. By the way, I just want you to know, I’ll be taking Bachelor of Science in Architecture. I’ve always wanted to be an architect. Always. That’s my dream ever in my entire whole life. I love drawing, I do always appreciate building and houses, like how they are built, I admire the engineers and architects who made it stand like that. I’ve always dreamed about it. That one day, I’m gonna be an awesome architect. 

Still there are some hindrances you might wanna know. Like other people are saying I’ve wasted five years of my life, that I should pursue being a nurse, that I should’ve taken a job according to my course, because they believe I’m blessed to pass the examination and yet they think I’m not appreciating this kind of blessing. Well, that’s not true, any of it is not true. I feel blessed to be a registered nurse. But what they don’t understand is just I wanna follow my dreams. I don’t want to have “what ifs” one day. That what if I’ve taken another try. I just don’t want to regret some things in my life in the future, that’s why I’m taking this opportunity. I want it to be done. Because I know, I can make it. God will help me, guide me. I know He’s always there for me. I know I can make it with God’s grace.

P.S. I just can’t get over it. I really wanted to be an architect someday. Two fingers crossed. I’m not going to be a student again. Lucky me. Smiles.


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