I have no title for this.

I’m just imagining. What is with these emotions that keeps chasing our lives? Aren’t they tired of running after us? There are thoughts in my head, and I must say, they are plenty. Plenty enough, that I wish I could voice all out. Shout to the world all my feelings. It’s a relief you know, composing yourself, and writing what’s on your mind. It’s just like a reassurance. I can say now, that I’m starting to love writing. I feel it’s like giving me freedom. I sometimes felt like I was a prisoner, but now I’m really glad. I feel like a writer sometimes. Laughs. Oh how I wish I’d be so good at writing. One day, we’ll never know. I might be a writer. Smiles. But no, I just love it. I’m not wishing to be one. Just voicing out everything in my head is enough for me.

P.S. Sometimes I wonder, I wish I could just be a tree. They are tough you know. They stand still, letting the air pass through them, absorbing what will come after them. Sigh. I wish I could be like them. 


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