When magic fades away, would you still believe?


When magic fades away would you still believe? I was watching Got to Believe, The New Chapter. I can’t help but cry watching it. I know some of you might not know it, because its aired here in the Philippines.  This is one of the most top “teleserye” or soap in the Philippines. Mostly, the people watching Got to Believe are teens, young people deeply in love with each other, and people encountering their first and one true love. I watched it too every single day since it was aired. Starring this teleserye are Kathryn Bernardo as Chichay, and Daniel Padilla as Joaquin San Juan Manasala. The episode earlier was about Joaquin moving on, and for Chicahy still hoping for a second chance. That, when the magic fades away, would she still believe in love. I admit it was heartbreaking a while ago, but if love is real, no such thing can stop it.

The teleserye brings you to a place so magical, wonderful, exciting and endless time of love. The story explains everything, that when a person is truly in love, there’s no such thing as impossible, that time heals every wound in our hearts, and that true love is bound for no reason. It’s just love. No one can ever explain, or define what true love is. Because it’s innate to us. It’s within our hearts. It’s within ourselves, we just have to feel it, give it, share it, and let it flow within us.



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