I’m not a writer, I’m not good at writing and stuffs, but I do love to compose myself, something that my mind wanted to say. I’ve always wanted to express myself, my beliefs. I want myself to come out of an inside locked jar. Like for years, I’ve been keeping, suppressing myself, my thoughts. But finally, blog came into my life. There’s something good about it, that helps me release everything I want to voice out to the world, without being judge by anybody.


What I love about blogs is that, you can get immediate response, or appreciation, acknowledgement from other people you don’t know. You can release yourself into it. It gives us voices, a heart that speaks, a personality within. And by the way, I also wanted to tell you that, I love reading. Yeah, I do love reading. Again I will say to you, I do love reading. Laughs. May it be novels, short stories, poems, insights, or revelations. I love them all. I love reading a lot, it brings us to some place magical, some place that you and the world in it is just there. It’s just like you and the plot, without other people surrounding you.

Blogging saved me, it gave me strength in the moment of misery, lost in the wilderness, and in state of seclusion. All of us has our own story, about life, love, commitments, griefs, and other things. I must say, all of it is important, because that’s what make us human, that’s what makes us live, our own life stories. Value everything, because it all happens for a reason, for a purpose. It doesn’t happen accidentally, you know. Laughs. So express yourself, bring out the best in you, say what you wanna say, and if you wanted to be heard, shout if you needed to. Just let it out, breathe, let it go. 



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